Los comentarios de nuestros queridos clientes que sabían con certeza que querían que sus hijos nacieran a pesar de las crisis financieras y políticas, las epidemias y los cierres, las dificultades y se dirigieron hacia sus sueños cada uno a su manera. Hay algunos que obtuvieron el resultado deseado desde la primera vez, hay los que habian logrado su felicidad desde hace años, ¡pero lo principal es que todos han logrado su éxito tan esperado junto con nuestro equipo SUCCESS! 

The company offer the best price of the market for surrogacy, for me was the perfect choice. From the first day I meet Victoria she offer me confidence and professionalism! That’s made me to take the decision to sight the contract whit the company. They was very fast in everything and in one year I show my dream became true! Always you will find someone to help and guide you! I am very recommend this company! And thank you for make me the happiest father!!
Thank you Success team for making our dream come true. We had been very sceptical at first if this was nothing more than just promises. After talking to Viktoria a couple of times we were soon convinced that they are the ones to trust. Our first visit to meet the team exceeded our expectations. Viktoria, her team and the clinic were proven to be very professional and humane at the same time. We left Cyprus with a sweet taste of trust and belief that it will all be ok. And it was. Our trip had just began. The team contacted us and guided us throughout the process. They did not only took care of all the technicalities but also showed conscientiousness and cared for all our worries and replied to all our questions. What a journey, few months later we were told that we had twins. Our joy was beyond words. Now, we have two healthy boys, 25 days old that brought so much joy in our lives. Thank you Viktoria, Alyona and Julia as well as the clinic for all your effort and patience with us. We would do it again without a second thought…. And we will….
Il y a un an nous avons fait la connaissance de cette agence, sans savoir que allons rencontrer des personnes extraordinaires. Ils nous ont accompagnées pas à pas, tout au long de notre projet. aujourd'hui nous ressentons un immense bonheur, grâce à toute l'équipe nous sommes les heureux papas d'une merveilleuse petite fille. Vraiment un grand merci. même si les mots ne seront jamais assez forts pour dire ce que nous ressentions. Vraiment merci nous recommandons sans hésitations.
Hello everyone, I have the honor to introduce you my twins born through the agency sucess, the team has been professional from beginning to end, the months have been like years so we were looking forward to having our babies in arms, and today we are the happiest parent in the world. Do you hesitate before you start? Only people who don’t try their luck don’t succeed. As the name of the agency so aptly bears, a real "success"