Los comentarios de nuestros queridos clientes que sabían con certeza que querían que sus hijos nacieran a pesar de las crisis financieras y políticas, las epidemias y los cierres, las dificultades y se dirigieron hacia sus sueños cada uno a su manera. Hay algunos que obtuvieron el resultado deseado desde la primera vez, hay los que habian logrado su felicidad desde hace años, ¡pero lo principal es que todos han logrado su éxito tan esperado junto con nuestro equipo SUCCESS! 

My husband and I dreamed of a child for a long time and in 2018 our long-awaited princess was born. We had a special case and I couldn't bear the baby. We contacted the center on the recommendation of our acquaintances, and we didn’t regret it for a minute. The entire staff is very helpful and patient - we had a lot of questions and were always answered quickly. We were accompanied at every stage of the program, helped to organize trips and solve all current problems, provided support whenever difficulties arose, selected a wonderful surrogate mother for us, who will always be a special part of our family. Thanks to the management for having brought together the best professionals and making us happy! Paul & Helen (Canada)
Good afternoon, I would like to thank the Center "Success" and personally director Victoria for becoming a father! I faced many problems when I decided to use surrogacy maternity services, and first of all, these are legal issues. Here I received all the answers to my questions, and as a result, the team of lawyers did everything so that I did not worry and was involved only in the pregnancy process of the surrogate mother. Special thanks to the staff of the clinic, everyone worked hard to ensure that the whole complex process from egg donation to childbirth went smoothly. They know their job and are very serious about doing things right. Now I am proud and happy! George (Austria)
С командой Success мы обрели наше счастье. Знакомьтесь - это наш Алексей. В этом году ему исполнилось три года. 
Семья Семельниковых (г. Екатеринбург) 
Нашему Богданчику 3,3 года. Растем и радуемся жизни. Спасибо большое команде и Виктории отдельно за наше счастье!!
Ольга и Виталий (г. Магадан)