Los comentarios de nuestros queridos clientes que sabían con certeza que querían que sus hijos nacieran a pesar de las crisis financieras y políticas, las epidemias y los cierres, las dificultades y se dirigieron hacia sus sueños cada uno a su manera. Hay algunos que obtuvieron el resultado deseado desde la primera vez, hay los que habian logrado su felicidad desde hace años, ¡pero lo principal es que todos han logrado su éxito tan esperado junto con nuestro equipo SUCCESS! 

Hi, 25.1.2024 my son is born and I want to say thank you from my deepest heart for your support to make this miracle become true. Best wishes
Dear team success, I thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. Having a baby has always been something I had wanted. I was a little sceptical at first. But all the reassurance from Kateryna, Yullia and Victoria. Put me at ease! I did certainly have lots of questions and pestered them a lot. But where always willing to answer even the smallest question. I’m now looking forward to the process of getting her home. On a seperate note I want to thank the wonderful lady who helped me achieve this dream. Your updates, pictures and videos helped immensely and I have loved getting to know you. You really are marvellous. For those who are unsure! Please speak to Victoria. Your precious miracle could be around the corner like mine was.
Thanks to the FullSuccess agency for enabling me to become a father. Thanks to Gulmira, the Dogus IVF clinic and the medical staff in Tbilisi.
il desiderio di avere dei bambini e quindi di paternita' finalmente e' realta' e tutto questo grazie all'eccellente lavoro di tutto lo staff di Success : Vittoria , Alyona, Iryna, Julia..... sono nati due bambini meravigliosi
Giovanni (Italia)